Arjun Rampal’s ‘Daddy’ Releases Today: At 44, Here’s How the Actor Remains Lean and Chiseled



  • The actor is all set for his upcoming release ‘Daddy’
  • Arjun Rampal has always managed to remain in shape
  • He is also one of the first supermodels in the country

Suave looks, chiseled physique and oh that deep voice, Arjun Rampal is known for all this besides his brilliant cinematic performances in movies like Rajneeti and Rock On among others. The actor is all set for his upcoming release Daddy which hits the theaters today. Arjun Rampal has always managed to remain in shape and he is also one of the first supermodels in the country. Rampal hails from the military background, as a result of which he follows his routine in a very disciplined way. At 44, Arjun boasts of a great physique and amazing fitness levels. Here is a quick lowdown on the fitness secrets of the Daddy star.

Arjun gives equal importance to a balanced diet[2] and regular exercising. A combination of a rigorous workout session and healthy eating has been his personal mantra for years. The actor is known for his lean and chiseled body and believes that fitness is not really about sporting muscles or lifting weights but increasing your stamina. While consistency, regularity and persistence are few qualities Arjun likes to abide by in his fitness journey, he also makes sure that he doesn’t go overboard with it. An hour in the gym suffices for Rampal. His fitness routine is usually a standard mix of bodyweight-training and cardio[3]. The actor was a state-level athlete in his early years and even ran sprint races for Tamil Nadu. Fitness has always been a part of his lifestyle, something that is almost indispensable.

Arjun believes in breaking the monotony, surprising and challenging the body by trying out new forms of exercises and routines. On days when he isn’t pumping it up in the gym, you may find him stretched out on a yoga mat, swimming[4] or running around on a tennis court. Consistency is always the key, he often shares in his interviews.

Arjun loves his black coffee[5] and notes that it revs up his metabolism. When NDTV’s Aneesha Baig asked him to choose between black coffee and mango milkshake, the actor exclaimed, “Black coffee, always! I hate mangoes, I am allergic to them”.

He likes to keep his diet as traditional and simple as possible with a mix of simple ghar ka khana, soups, salads, fresh fruits and veggies, eggs and poultry and black coffee, of course!



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